Here is the story of a Sunday morning spent in Malindi town and surrounding oceanfront spots. Malindi is located about 120 Km away from Mombasa and like any other coastal town, it makes for an interesting walkabout. It is best visited camera in hand.


In Pictures – Malindi Town. All pics from my camera archives.Wave Breakers Malindi ShikoMsa Artificial wave breakers around the Vasco Da Gama pillar Malindi. To prevent breaking waves from reaching and eating away at the coral that holds the pillar.

Marine Communication Tower ShikomsaMarine Communication Tower.

Ambandoned Boart ShikomsaLittle abandoned boat.

Maasai Moran ShikomsaMaasai Moran at the beach.

Vasco Da Gama PillarThe famous Vasco Da Gama pillar.

Lone Fisherman ShikomsaLone fisherman at sea.


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