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How To Cut Costs When Planning Your Wedding Without Sacrificing Your Day

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Weddings are definitely expensive things to have, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard on the spending side of things. You can still have a great wedding and cut costs at the same time without sacrificing any of the day that you imagined your wedding would be. So in this post we’re going to share with you exactly how you can cut costs and for your wedding without sacrificing your day.

Have a conservative guest list:

The guest list is often the most expensive part of a wedding since this is where you’re going to have to be paying for food for people, so it’s important that you’re able to set some boundaries around the amount of guests that you have at your wedding. This doesn’t mean intentionally cutting people out, but it’s also important to remember that it’s not your job to invite people who you don’t know or who you haven’t seen since you were a child just because someone else might feel offended if they’re not invited. You have to remember that this is your day and you get to decide how many people you want at your wedding, so if you’re looking to cut costs then keeping the guest list as small as possible will really help with that.

Buy second hand:

Buying secondhand items for your wedding such as your dress and even decoration can help you really keep costs low – it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands on a dress when you can get a perfectly good one for a fraction of the cost that looks just as good and that no one will even notice is secondhand. Many people nowadays are buying a secondhand dress, because not only is the cost a lot less, but it has a better impact on the environment and ensures that items are being used more than once.

Call in favors:

If you’re getting married then it’s a good time for people who you know who can do things like make cakes, who would be happy to take your wedding photos or who can even recommend places like https://www.alivenetwork.com/hirelivemusic/wedding_bands_in.asp?area=Shropshire for entertainment for your wedding. There are plenty of places where you can ask your friends who will be happy to recommend you to a good supplier or may even be able to do the job.

Make things yourself:

If you’re in anyway creative, then you can start making some things yourself for your wedding, such as the favors the invitations or even the table decoration that can really go a long way to helping you cut cost and can also add a nice personal touch to your wedding. You can find plenty of inspiration and even tutorials online on places like YouTube and Pinterest or on wedding blogs to see the kind of things that you could make for your own wedding.

We hope that you find this post useful and that it has helped you to cut costs and keep the spending under control when it comes to planning your wedding.

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