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The Art Of Saying ‘I Love You’

by Femme Staff

KissAt some point in every romantic relationship, the couple will have to utter the three magic words ‘I love you’ in declaration of their deepest feelings for one another. Although they’re often misused, these three little words hold more power than most of us realize. Declaring love without actually meaning it is what leads to hurt and betrayed feelings. Be warned that these words are emotionally binding and will therefore go hand in hand with how you treat each other on a day to day basis. So don’t just say it, mean it and act it too.

Before you say ‘I love you’, be sure that your feelings have crossed the threshold of infatuation and lust and that it is true love you feel for your partner. There is no hard and fast rule as to what point of the relationship to tell your girlfriend/boyfriend that you love them. There are those who fall in love at first sight and say as much and there are those who wait a little longer to know their partner better. Wherever it is you fall, you need to feel it in yourself that you are ready and that it is love you feel. If you declare love before you’re ready, you may not sound or act genuine and your partner will sense this and lose trust in you.

Make your timing as close to perfect as possible if not entirely perfect. You both have to be at your most comfortable and peaceful at this special moment. Pick a quiet place where your lover will hear even the softest of your whispers. A quiet restaurant with soft background music will do, as will any other quiet and peaceful place that calms you both. Hold your partner’s hands or better yet, hold them close in an embrace and look them lovingly in the eyes as you confess your innermost feelings. Our eyes are the windows to the soul. Keeping eye contact as you tell your partner ‘I love you’ will communicate sincerity, absolute trust and yes, love.

As much as it’s the sweetest feeling you’ll ever feel, saying ‘I love you’ can be nerve racking. It can stir up many mixed emotions though the warm heady feeling of loving and being loved back is the most dominant one. Do not be afraid if you feel a tinge of fear and panic in there too. After all you’re baring your heart to another human being. You’re exposing your feelings to them at your most vulnerable. Not to worry though. This will pass or be masked by the passionate kiss that will most likely follow when your partner says ‘I love you too’.

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