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Tips to Having a Memorable Safaricom Jazz

by Femme Staff
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Last week, I had a memorable time at the Safaricom Jazz event. To me, Jazz is that music that hits your soul, and instead of feeling the pain, you feel the cool comfort that only comes when you are at peace with yourself.

As people mingled, both men and women shaking their hips with others sipping from their glasses, and as music went down on stage, I couldn’t help but think of ways that one can use to have more fun at such an event.

Being beardless, I did not scratch my chin to get the Solomonic ideas like many men do. For me, my ideas flow from scratching the head, no wonder my hairline is disappearing like public funds in Kenya.

From the little wisdom I inherited from my ancestors, especially those who invented fire, I managed to come up with some few tips that will ensure that you have the ultimate enjoyment of Safaricom Jazz event.

Arrive on time

The earliest bird catches the worm. Right? Arriving early or on time helps you get all the entertainment package without missing anything. It also give you time to relax, familiarize with the surrounding and even make some new friends before the event itself.

Do not arrive late. It will be difficult and hard for you to catch up with the order of events. With the current weather, you will also look awkward from the sweat and this might make you uncomfortable.

Dress comfortable for an outdoor event

Know that you are going to enjoy yourself. Know that it is an outdoor event. Do not dress as though you are on a mission to the North Pole. If you are going to dance and enjoy yourself, then dress in light clothes that will give you more aeration and more room for movement.

Dress to impress. People think this is only for the ladies. No. just be smart. You are not going for a reggae function by the way :-D. This is Jazz. Be simple, smart and ready to enjoy. Simply, tokelezea.

Drink Responsibly

At Safaricom Jazz, there is alcohol. Good manners are key here. Do not drink like there is no tomorrow. Just be responsible. There is no competition for drinking at the event by the way. Do not embarrass yourself with too much drinking. Just be responsible. Drink but maintain your sobriety.

Look out for offers and Safaricom giveaways

They say mkono mtupu haulambwi and at Safaricom Jazz event, apart from the entertainment, offers and giveaways are always in plenty. But if you just sit there ndee, such goodies might pass by your nose. Have those “compound” eyes that will enable you see posters for offers or giveaways at the venue. At least come out with something. Right? Right.

Prepare your own picnic basket

Am not saying there are no food. There are usually various food vendors but if you love ‘the work of your hands’, then carry your own food. It will also help you save some coins.

Follow the conversation on #SafaricomJazz

Social media has made almost everything easy. You can get virtually all the information you need via social media. For five years, the Safaricom Jazz event has been using #SafaricomJazz hashtag to channel out important information about the event. Follow the conversation. It will really help you in knowing the what, the where, the when and the how about the event.

You are there for a worthy course

Just by being at Safaricom Jazz, your value goes beyond the attendance. All the proceeds from the events go to promoting the very noble cause that is Ghetto classics, that supports needy children and young adults from slum areas to keep busy with music and

Enjoy jazz!

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