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We’re All Wired Differently, So Use This To Your Advantage

by Femme Staff
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When you first start a business, it’s quite often just you. So you have to multitask and take on lots of different roles that you may have never done before. However, you give them all you’ve got because what else are you going to do? In the process, you’re going to find that you’re fantastic at one or a few things, and then not so great at others things. And that’s very natural. Because we all have talents and strengths. And it’s those talents and strengths that we all need to focus on. It’s easy to believe that you have to be able to ‘do it all’ when you start a business, but you don’t. It’s really not smart to stretch yourself thin in that way! Instead, you need to accept that we’re all wired differently and that you’re going to use that to your advantage.

Stick To Your Strengths

First of all, you need to make sure that you set the tone by doing what you do best. Not the things you cannot do – but the things you’re amazing at. Put your name next to those tasks and let’s find others for the rest!


Outsource Other Areas

And then, with the other areas that you know you’re hopeless at, outsource. Don’t struggle to do it yourself. If it’s too early to hire a full team for that set process, or there’s a company that you like and want to work with. Hire them. Because when you find experts online like these here, that can save you time and do a better job, it’s a no-brainer. So outsourcing is a plus.


Hire For Personality

Now, when it comes to hiring people for your company, you may think that you need to look for candidates with a lot of experience or knowledge. Good, solid, hard-working people. And in some cases you do. But most of the time, you’ll find that hiring for personality helps. Because you want to create a varied, diverse company. And to do that, you need people that are a good fit for the company. Skills and experience can be learnt, but a bad personality cannot be made to fit!

Hire Up

At the same time, you need to hire people smarter than you. Don’t be the smartest or most experienced person in the room. You need to hire people that are wired differently to you, that know more than you in the areas that you suck at! Because then, your company will really flourish.

Surround Yourself With Complementary People

And finally, as you’re doing that, you then also need to make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people that count. Do not hire a number two or three or even a full team of people that are exactly like you or that have your strengths or personality traits. Instead, you need to get people that complement your strengths. They need to think differently to you, challenge you, add a new perspective. Because we are all wired differently and when you use that to your advantage and take these different thoughts and ideas on board, your business will benefit.

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