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Meet Lucy Njeri, The Angel Behind Smiles At PROVIDE International Hospital

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The joy of every expectant mother is to have a healthy baby no matter what it takes when the time is due. Maternal health in Kenya is still going through numerous challenges and cases of mothers dying during childbirth are widespread across the country. Most mothers are always worried every time they near delivery for not knowing what might happen.

There are mothers in Kenya who have been shying away from delivering at health facilities, not because they do not want to, but because they lack the small and simple basic necessities needed.

Truth is, much as the larger population would take these things for granted, some mothers are unable to afford such things as basins, towels, soap or even clothes required by some health facilities before a mother can deliver.

The fact that some mothers kept away from delivering at health facilities for lack of such necessities affected Lucy Njeri, a Social Health Doctor for Mother and Child Survival Program at PROVIDE International Hospital in Kayole, Nairobi.

For a long time, Lucy hoped and prayed that a time shall come when she will be able to help mothers have access to the required basic necessities during delivery. Lucy’s dream has always been to be able to help pregnant women, lactating mothers as well as malnourished children. But to accomplish her dream of seeing all these, Lucy needed help. She needed money. This was her main challenge; finding a way of actualizing her dream through funding.

Then, just like a dream, Ndoto Zetu by Safaricom came her way. It was like a blessing well-packaged and made specifically for her. She wasted no time in applying and stating her dream and what she wanted fulfilled. Through her steps towards actualizing her dreams, PROVIDE International Hospital became the first beneficiary of Ndoto Zetu. Through the program, she and her patients were able to receive mother packs worth 250,000 shillings.

Lucy really wants to appreciate Safaricom for what they did towards her daily dream. She is now a happy doctor and her patients are happy. The number are speaking and have increased, and she’s currently handling 57 mothers.

“I really appreciate Safaricom for what they are doing to the community and for our facility, they are saving lives,” – Lucy Njeri.

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