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Brighten Dull And Dreary Office Decor

by Femme Staff
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Until not too long ago, a lot office décor has been for the most part dull and dreary. One would be forgiven to think that décor has been mistakenly looked at as a distraction to work and that there is some sort of rule to make the spaces as boring as possible in order to make people work.

Fortunately, times are changing and so are trends. Well decorated offices are no longer strange but rather a necessity and in many cases even a priority and offices are embracing this trend with some going bright in the process. There’s no need to put workers and visitors through death by dull décor just because it’s an office. Not that all offices should or are going neon. Understandably, in some cases office décor should still be muted for the most part at least in comparison to the freedom that home décor affords us. Not dreary, just muted.  There are many factors that will contribute to choice of office décor, chief among them the type of work the office does, their policies and their branding and corporate colours, and the demographics of the people working there. There are still some professions that demand a sense of calm and should best remain good old demure. All is not lost though. If that be the case, they can still be given a punch with a bold signature abstract wall hanging that will agree with corporate branding.

Office decor aside, individuals can also incorporate small pieces of their personalities in their cubicles by bringing in decor of their choice to their desks. The office, depending, may not be the ideal place to bring your huge pink teddy but by all means, if there are no overly stringent policies, then you should be able to make your office or cubicle a home away from home – at least a little bit. Photographs of loved ones and your small favourite potted plant are a good place to start. Some offices are flexible enough to allow you to pick a colour for your office blinds when they’re redecorating.

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