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Live Frugally And Save Money Every Day

by Femme Staff

Planning to start a savings plan? There must be 1001 excuses you’re making about all the money having gone into bills. But is that always the case? Is all the money going to bills? Check again and make savings every day. We’ve suggested a few ways to do that but if you get the frugal mindset, you’ll come up with some more on your own.

Drinking water:

The water habit is great for your health and congratulations for maintaining it. But if you’re buying bottled water every day, you’ll be shocked at how much you spend in a month. Invest in a sturdy and portable water bottle and carry our own water from home. This way, even if you’ll need to buy water in case you forgot your bottle, at least it’s not a daily habit and you’ll certainly feel the savings.


While there is nothing wrong with the occasional coffee date or meet up, making coffee buying a habit is going to be way to expensive and this you’ll realize if you ever calculate the total cost. Make your own coffee at home. If it comes to that, have your meet ups in restaurants where your entertainment also doubles up as dinner or lunch. Coffee does not. Bring your own coffee to work if your office is not equipped with a coffee machine – this will only require you to invest in a small flask. You may not like this because you may not be able to make coffee like they do at the coffee shop but hey! We’re saving money here and a small sacrifice is to be expected.

Meal planning

Many will know this scenario well. You finish your work day rather late and suddenly realize that you have nothing to eat at home. You therefore pass by the nearest fast food restaurant and spend a pretty penny on packed dinner.

Other than this, how about planning your meals for the entire week? That includes even beverages. This will involve doing enough shopping to last a week, and cooking and refrigerating what you can. On any given day when you’re headed home, there is no need to spend unplanned money on emergency food.

Hosting friends and family? There is the fun aspect of having everyone bring a part of the food. Someone could bring

Curb emotional spending

Many people turn to binge eating and impulse shopping for therapy and this adds up to quite a bit of money in the long run. This could however easily become a cycle because the more you spend, the more your finances get messed up. Messed up finances could never improve a situation. Get the help of friends, family and professionals to deal with the root of your emotional hiccups so that other than just saving money, you also live a happy well rounded life.

Stick to your lane

Spending more than is earned has been many people’s route to financial ruin. Unfortunately this is a habit that people carry even in old age when you’d think they’d be wiser. Trying to keep up with the Johnases or the Kardashians is one way to ensure that you live in financial stress, and chances are you’ll always live in debt as you borrow money from everywhere to finance your pretences. The thing is, the people you’re trying to impress do not care and even if they get impressed, they’ll soon realize your ways and steer clear. Stick to your lane.


DIY Skincare

Lord knows skincare can cost you a lot! The amount of money we set aside to keep ourselves glowing can be quite staggering. While we’re not here to discourage anyone from taking care of their skin the best way they know how, it is important to note that for some of the very highly priced products in the shops, there are much cheaper substitutes right in your kitchen pantry. The same goes for your hair.

You saved a lot by just reading this article haven’t you. Even if just mentally and with a promise to put all the saved money to good you. The next step would be to look up pension plans so that all that saved money can be of some good use when you’re older and no longer able to work as fully as you’re working now.

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