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Siphrose Achieng – A Happy Mother Thanks To Ndoto Zetu

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Mothers in Kenya are faced with many challenges especially when they are raising infants and toddlers. Those in rural areas in particular often find themselves wondering how to make ends meet and keep their infants happy, which is why Safaricom, through Ndoto Zetu has set to change their lives.

Siphrose Achieng is one proud mother or a remarkably beautiful child. The joy of her giving birth to the baby knew no bounds and being a beneficiary of Ndoto Zetu, her world and that of her child is suddenly complete.

Wanting to make her life a little comfortable and peaceful for the child, through Ndoto Zetu, Safaricom handed her several utilities including basins, diapers, baby shawls and a blanket for wrapping the baby.

“Thank you so much, Safaricom for the things you have gifted me. At the beginning, after giving birth, I didn’t even have a basin to wash my baby, but now I have one,” said Achieng amidst hidden joy.

“I appreciate the towel for wrapping up the baby as well as the diapers that I couldn’t help but notice,” she added.

According to the mother, even after giving birth, her baby had never worn a diaper before. She says that she largely relied on nappies – which are often known to cause burning – to take care of her baby.

The best part about using diapers is that they are disposable after use and are not recycled like nappies. Nappies are hard to wash, and Achieng can confirm this.

“Washing nappies used to give me stress and hard time, but now I am so grateful,” she says obviously glad for the relief of not having to ever undergo that tiresome ordeal.

Her story is one of many, and Ndoto Zetu is committed to ensuring everyone in society deserves a better life. People don’t need to hide and wallow no more. Like Achieng says, just having a clean baby inspires confidence even visitors are around.

She says that she doesn’t have to hide her baby any more just became what she is wearing isn’t appealing. This confirms how Ndoto Zetu brings additional peace of mind of not having to worry about necessities that the baby needs, and freeing up the mother to think about bringing up her little one in peace.

Siphrose is no the only one who has received baby care items courtesy of Ndoto Zetu. Grace Njoki is also another happy mother who benefited from the initiative and cannot thank Safaricom enough for the gifts to her and her baby Jayden.

As well as Margaret Nyawira and her baby Christian among many other mothers.

Ndoto Zetu is a social campaign that aims to support hopes and dreams that Kenyans have for their communities. It is part of the company’s mission to transform lives through impactful community investments.

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