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How To Motivate Yourself For Exercise

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As much as it’s crucial for well being, exercise is not fun for everyone and as much as we all want to keep fit and healthy, sometimes it’s just such a task! For some it comes so naturally but for others, a little or a lot of motivation is needed just to get up and hit the gym, track or home gym. However, we have to keep at it if we’re to stave off the negative effects of unhealthy sedentary lifestyles. So how do we stay motivated?

Success stories

Read success stories from other people who have reaped the benefits of dedicated exercise routines. It is always good to know that you’re not alone in whatever struggles you may be going through. Knowing that there are other people somewhere who have faced these hurdles and overcome them are inspiration enough to convince you that you too can do it.


Set your sights on an upcoming marathon. Marathons are demanding of good levels of fitness and lots of energy. Planning to take part in a particular marathon in the future will get you up and moving so that you’re ready when the time comes. When you’re done, look at the next marathon and get moving to ready yourself for that too. Repeat.


Pick some great music. There is music for every type of exercise and for everyone’s preference but generally, up tempo dance music works best for running and active exercise and slower music works well for stretches and less intense forms of exercise. Research has shown that listening to the wrong kind of music can slow you down and hinder continuity of exercise. Good rhythm and beats on the other hand have the power to keep you going even when your body is shouting stop. Music is also a good way to help you unknowingly cover long distances when you’re running or jogging outdoors. Here’s a guide to go by.


Engage in the types of exercise you enjoy. There’s so much in the exercise world to keep you moving. If the gym atmosphere is not for you, by all means look at other options like engaging in some sports or running around your estate. People dragging themselves to do things they neither like nor enjoy turns exercise into such a chore and leads to dropping of the habit after just a few weeks of trying.

Weight Loss

The thought of weight loss. If you’re carrying around a few extra pounds, think about losing them and suddenly having lots of energy, and fitting better into your clothes. Other than that, weight loss will ensure everyday as well as long term health. Still on weight loss, stick an old photo of a smaller and fitter you on your dressing table so its in your face every time you’re dressing up. Better yet, stick one on your fridge door so that every time you open the fridge to get that unhealthy snack, you’ll be stopped in your tracks.

Start Slow

Start out at a level suited for you. Unless you’re an athlete or exercise enthusiast for a long time, starting out at very intense levels will make you burn out, give you injuries and probably make you hate exercise forever. Yet, what you need when starting out is tones of motivation. Your enthusiasm to get fit is understandable but take it slow and build up.

Do not skip meals

Have all your meals. Being low on energy for lack of food is the one thing that will make you lazy and lethargic to go start an exercise regime and stick to it. Unfortunately, skipping meals and generally skimping on food is the one weapon that lots of people mistakenly thing will fast track their weight loss. But what’s the point of fast tracking if you can’t keep up with it?


Invest in good workout outfits. Old fraying corporate T-shirts and worn out track bottoms are not exactly flattering to slip into at any time, let alone when working to mold your body. Invest in clothes that you feel good in and this will go a long way in making you look forward to dress up for exercise. Whatever you do, do not exercise in regular bras. “The regular bra is not designed for the rigorous nature of sports, aerobics, jumping jacks and all that. Neither are your girls. Boobs in themselves do not have structural support, relying mainly on ligaments and skin to stay put.”


Sign a contract with yourself. Those silent promises you make to yourself don’t often work. This time try making the promise on paper and have a friend as a witness. Pick a friend who can be hard on you if you default on your contract.

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