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The Nokia 5.1 Plus – My Thoughts

by Femme Staff
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As you all know by now, the beloved Nokia has since come back into our lives and today we’re looking at the 5.1 Plus.

A well build sturdy phone with rounded corners, this phone came in white, midnight blue and black which I find to be quite light for its size. Quite an advantage because it does not exactly have loads of grip and HMD does not put any extra back covers to offer the same. The phone however has quite a good quality screen which is not easy to break.

The display is a 5.89” full HD plus IP LSD screen with a resolution of 720*1520 pixels. This is one of the phones I’ve found to work relatively well even in sunlight and can be dimmed to a very good extent for night use for eye safety.

Here are some other features:

  • The back camera is 13MP + 5 MP with Artificial Intelligence.  The selfie camera is 8MP. The phone is clearly built for good photography.
  • The battery is 3060mAh.
  • The charger is a type C and will fill up the phone in about 2 hours.
  • It has a very fast and responsive fingerprint scanner. No facial recognition.
  • It has a slot for two SIM cards and one for a memory card.
  • Storage is 32GB and 3GB RAM expandable to 400GB.

It is an Android one phone and therefore comes with the google goodies in terms of updates and safety. What I found rather disturbing with the handset I had however was the updates – as in if updates are interrupted, the phone would go completely blank. If one does not understand this, then it can cause a bit of panic. I could do with a pause in updates or a revert to the old position without paralyzing the use of the phone.

The phone costs around Kshs13,000/-

These are the earphones you’ll find in the box. It is the year of our lord 2019 and Nokia really needs to stop selling themselves short with these crappy things. My goodness. Bad sound and ill fitting. They sit poorly in the ears and you can expect a headache in just 1 hour of use. Plus who still manufactures them?

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