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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up To Date For 2019?

by Femme Staff

Digital marketing can be an endless source of annoyance for businesses. Not only is it complicated, but it has a habit of changing every couple of weeks or so. What was effective and useful last year often isn’t in the current.



Keeping your digital marketing strategy up to date, therefore, can be a challenge. But with the right approach, you can stay ahead of the game, and your campaigns continue to perform. Here’s how.

Create A Powerful Value Proposition

Digital marketing isn’t about volume anymore. Simply paying search engines to funnel customers to your website will lead to poor ROI (and even loss): it’s a waste of time. Campaigns need to have a clear value proposition for their target audience. Without that, people will click back to search, costing you money.

Automate Your Advertising

Currently, a lot of businesses are manually editing tools like Adwords, believe that they can tweak them to get the results that they want. But did you know that you can start Adwords automation today? Thanks to smart software and a range of tools, there’s no longer as much of a need to have a marketing expert sit down at a computer and edit campaigns. It can all be done with the help of intelligent data-collecting algorithms.

Integrate Your Digital Marketing

Read most digital marketing blogs, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that online advertising was all there was. As any real-world business knows, this isn’t the case. Companies use a combination of both on- and offline strategies.

But there’s a problem: they don’t integrate them. For a campaign to be successful, it needs to operate from the perspective of the customer. For people who buy your products and services, the distinction between online and offline marketing is almost entirely artificial. What they want is a consistent, integrated approach that allows them to switch between the two. For instance, you might allow customers to complete returns online and then deliver items back to the store. Or you might provide online portals that will enable them to make orders online and pick up in person.

Create A Plan For Staying Up To Date

Companies often design what seems like the perfect digital marketing strategy and then leave it ticking over for years at a time without review. But because of the pace that things change in the world of digital marketing, this isn’t advisable. If you want to succeed, you need to stay up to date with the latest advice. If you don’t, your once potent campaigns will lose their appeal, costing you money.

Rely On Analytics

Too many small firms go with their gut feeling when it comes to digital marketing, rather than what the data say. Failing to rely on data then leads to poorly optimized campaigns. Businesses end up throwing money at companies like Google, getting miserable results in return.

Google tries to help business customers boost their campaigns and make them relevant. But it really takes the skill of a professional to ensure that campaigns deliver value.

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