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Kasha – A Wellness e-Commerce Platform For Women By Women

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With all that happens in a woman’s life, it is no wonder that many of us put ourselves last in terms of getting products for selfcare, skincare, as well as personal and intimate products. But that unfortunate situation is about to get better as earlier last week, an e-Commerce platform for women by women officially launched in Nairobi. That platform is Kasha.co.ke

What is Kasha?

It is an online shopping and delivery platform that started operations in August 2016 in Rwanda with a strong belief that all women despite their backgrounds and lines of work should have good products to take care of themselves with. Kasha also holds that women should be able to get these products in a confidential, convenient and affordable way, hence their secure ordering platform and delivery option.

Some of the items in their product portfolio include menstrual care products, bath and body, sexual health contraceptives & HIV self-tests, beauty products, supplements and baby products.

Why Rwanda?

Rwanda has exploded quite a bit in the last three years in terms of social and business spheres and was a perfect starting ground for operations for Kasha.

Why Kenya?

Kenya is quite an enabler for e-Commerce. In this country we have approximately 86% internet penetration, 90% mobile phone penetration and to crown it all, mobile money. We are also quite upfront in embracing new technologies and the combination of all the above, plus our vibrant business atmosphere makes us quite a good choice.

Why serve women only?

Because Kasha is not a market place. Rather it is a platform that has zeroed in on a niche, with an aim to be really good at it and deliver very well. This way for example, Kasha is able to pick manufacturers and distributors of high-quality products and vet them thoroughly, hence ensuring that what comes from their site is of the highest quality.

It is also able to form meaningful partnerships with these manufacturers and take the time to tighten their relationships with them, with the end user standing to benefit from good quality and pricing. Kasha is also very keen on timely delivery of products.

How is Kasha different?

First of all, e-Commerce platforms are all over but Kasha is the only one that decidedly puts the woman first. As mentioned above, it is a solution by women for women and their aim is not just to push products, but also to help women make decisions on what to buy. I’ve had a look at their product descriptions on the site and I must say they’re far from wishy washy and by the time someone purchases a product from their site, they’re well informed.

Other than simply doing business, how does Kasha help women?

By having their corporate social responsibility ingrained in their business strategy.

In a partnership with the Rwandese Government for example, the company has been quite influential in distributing HIV test kits all round the country.

Kasha also has other strategic partnerships for donations and grants that enable them provide expert information to women who need information and discounts on products to do with infertility, contraceptive use and menstrual problems for example.

Where can Kasha be accessed?

Website www.kasha.co.ke

App: Kasha Kenya on Android devices.

USSD (Basic Mobile Phone, no internet – dial *308#)

Social media

Instagram: @KashaKenya

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kashaglobal

Facebook: Kasha Kenya

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