When people are looking for budget and entry level phones, many have had not to look further than in the Tecno family which has quite a variety right from very affordable, to relatively higher priced flagship devices.

The most recent release from the company is Tecno Spark 3 which comes in regular and Pro versions and I’ve had the pleasure of using the Pro version for some time now. As promised in an earlier article, here is my review and experience of the phone. You may also want to have a look at the journey that the Tecno Spark has taken upto this point, right from when the series was introduced.


The device comes in a simple box in which you’ll find all that you need to use the phone to the maximum. I love beautiful things so please allow me to start with the cute white earplugs that came in the box. I was couldn’t want to try the feel of them in terms of sound and comfort and I was pleasantly surprised that they checked both of these boxes. In the past, and in devices from other brands, I’ve had a problem with earplugs that are far from ergonomic, far from cute and to make matters worse, are too big for the ears hence leaving me with a splitting headache within about one hour of use. With the Tecno Spark 3 ones, its all kudos from me.

Even without the earplugs the speakers are quite good. Thanks a lot Tecno for not torturing budget phone users with bad sound.


Onto the phone, the display is a good 6.2” inches full view LCD screen, which means one does not have to squint to look at things. The resolution is a sharp 1500*720 Pixels and this makes the phone quote a pleasure to use. We’re still not yet there with using the phone in sunlight though but that is something I’m used to in just about every phone I use so I’ve learned to live with this negligible disadvantage.


The back of the device is plastic, but it gives off the look of a superb polished glass with discreet glitter. This gives the Tecno Spark 3 quite a premium look. It is quite smooth though and for those who drop phones on a regular, this phone does not have a whole lot of grip. It does however come with an optional back casing so this should not really be a problem. I however found it quite a chore to access the slots for charging and fixing the earphone jack when the cover is on because the access points are well covered. This should however not necessarily be taken as a disadvantage, but rather as a safety feature. While we’re at phone safety, it also comes with a screen protector.

The earphone and charger ports are at the bottom, so woe unto those of us who like to scroll the phone from bed while using them.

Performance and safety:

The phone will take 2 SIM cards and one memory card and all these will go in one tray. It has both facial recognition which understandably won’t work at night, and finger print scanner at the back. Both are quite highly responsive and you can be assured you won’t keep staring awkwardly at the phone willing it to unlock.


The battery is an impressive 3500mAh and will go for a whole day on regular use. This includes reasonable making of calls, listening to music, social media, use of camera and watching a video here and there. For heavy video users and gamers then understandably you’ll run out of charge at some point midday or thereabout. I fall in the regular use category so I’m covered for a full day on one full battery charge.  It takes about 2 hours to charge from zero to 100.

The working of the phone:

You’ll get 32 GB internal memory, but in case one needs more than this, there’s a memory card slot as mentioned earlier, with a speed of 2.0ghz quadcore. Again, I find this quite reasonable for a budget phone going for around Kshs12,000/-. The phone is operating on Android 9.0 pie and is engineered to keep safe and fast. The phone will support 2G, 3G and 4G.

Extra features:

The device is packed with some extra features though some are not exclusive to this particular phone.  The ones I’ve gotten to try are multi window which means you can split the screen in two and still be able to use, the one hand feature which minimizes the whole display so that you can be able to operate the phone with just your thumb – even if it is a short thumb, and whatsapp mode which restricts background use of data to some extent.


The rear camera is a 13MP and 2MP self-adjusting artificial intelligence cameras for photos that stand out even when taken at night. 13MP is the main camera and it works with the 2MP secondary camera for depth of photos – good for portrait shots. The selfie camera is a sharp 8MP with flash.

Here are some shots of my tu girly things, taken with the phone.

A beautiful and just about accurate gift I got from a dear friend not too long ago.


An impulse buy I bumped into at Fragrance lounge. No I do not like it one bit.


My make ups. 99% is lip-care. Yes I’m bigger on lip glosses than on anything else and have no problem answering the question… “If you were to leave the house with just one item of make up…


Papaya Fruitburst smoothie body scrub. Found at Carrefour and just couldn’t leave it. Huge tub for quite a fair price.


I love me some beautiful notebooks. They motivate me to work.


Look at my notebook and my little make up bag being all beautifully tribal patterned.

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