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The Tecno Spark 4 Is Now Available For Sale In Kenya

by Femme Staff

Just the other day, Tecno Mobile launched the Tecno Spark 3 phone into the market and in what can only be seen as a clear indication that the phones are selling and selling fast, Tecno Spark 4 is now here with us. The giant mobile phone company seems to have struck a balance between making phones with good features, and matching it with affordability. It’s role in mobile penetration can therefore not be ignored.

Gone are the days when only those who could afford high budgets were able to afford superior features on their phones. Now even with a limited budget, people are able to have fairly high specs at the palm of their hands.

Also, not too long ago, having a limited budget meant that a lot of people and especially the modern woman were not able to afford beautiful looking gadgets. Not any more. With the continuous launches of the Spark phones, now a girl can afford to walk around with beautiful phones with high resolution displays and clear selfies. This is a clear departure from when she would be limited to plain black or grey phones and since that was what was produced, that would be what she’d have to do with at her price point. Now we’re looking at beautiful gradient designs of Royal Purple/Vacation Blue/Misty Grey/Energetic Orange.

The Tecno Spark 4 is retailing at Kshs11,399/- at all Tecno branded shops. We will soon do a comprehensive review of the phone. Keep it here. But just so you may know of a few features in advance, the phone has 32GB ROM + 2GB RAM, a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera.

Look out for more features in the review soon.

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