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Make Every Meal Healthy With Baobab Powder

by Nessa Shera


You probably know them as the Mabuyu seeds you enjoyed to suck and later test out your spitting skills on. But did you know that the various vitamins and minerals in this fruit are capable of turning virtually any meal into a healthy and nutritious one? Considered a super fruit, Baobab fruits are low in sugar and fat yet high in fiber which comes with proper weight management and helps you maintain a healthy digestive tract. The same has been used throughout Africa medicinally for centuries to treat everything from intestinal problems, fevers, and malaria. It comes with a long list of benefits, as well as several ways you can add it to your daily food intake.

Baobab fruits are packed with antioxidants-which help fight inflammation, and more than 12 minerals and vitamins, including potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamin C. The fruit has six times more Vitamin C than in oranges and two times more calcium than in cow milk, so having strong bones and teeth is the last thing you’d worry about if you’re a baobab consumer. It has essentially more potassium than bananas so your muscles also work more efficiently and recover faster after a workout routine. It’s even recommended for pregnant and breast feeding women. Still not convinced?

Baobab fruits can be used as a diet for anti-wrinkle purposes, mainly due to the excessive amount of vitamin c in the same. Vitamin C helps your body form collagen and elastin, and these proteins give your skin support and elasticity. The antioxidants also provide for removal of molecules, free radicals, and unstable atoms that may cause harm to your body through degenerational diseases and several signs of aging, including fine lines. So if you’re looking to feel and appear young, Baobab fruits are the way to go.

Not only does baobab powder add more nutritional value to ones meal, but it also enhances the taste of one’s food. You can’t always eat healthy, sometimes you have cravings, you can make the most of those cheat days by sprinkling a little powder on your snacks. You can add baobab powder on to almost any food or beverage for a tangy citrus flavour that is milder than say lemon. There are various ways to include baobab into your diet plan particularly during breakfast:

  • If you love to bake, make some homemade bread and sprinkle a little powder on the same to give it some extra nutritional significance
  • Add a Tablespoon of baobab powder into your juice or water
  • Add baobab powder to your sauces to thicken and give the mild citrus tang we talked about earlier.
  • You can go right ahead and add the powder to your herbal tea. Just a little will do. It has strong nutrients and so does the herbal tea.
  • Add 2-4 tablespoons to your cereal, porridge, and/or smoothies
  • Add the powder to your pancakes, doughnuts or snacks to create yummy, healthy treats.


By powder we’re talking about the white unsweetened product. Otherwise by the time it is the mabuyu we suck on, it has sugar added to it and may not be good for people on a low sugar diet – as we all should be.

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