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Kotex In Celebration Of Women In The Frontline Fight Against COVID-19

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A period or period stigma should never get in the way of any woman’s progress. Kotex Kenya firmly believes in this and have focused on making sure that women are at their best even during their period. This they do by providing products that meet women’s needs, so that they can carry on with their day to day activities at whatever time of the month.

For instance, in response to women’s requests for a longer pad for added protection against leakage, last year Kotex introduced Kotex Ultra-Thing Extra-Long and sure enough, it has gone ahead to become a favourite among women. This year, still in response to consumer needs, Kotex has launched a range of maxi pads for women with heavy flow.

Kotex also runs the annual SheCan Awards to celebrate, honor and award women who overcome challenges and achieve their dreams while inspiring and motivating others to do the same.

How do the awards work?

The public identifies women and Kotex magnifies and supports their achievements, and celebrate them for who they are, and what they aspire to do. Nominations for women eligible for SheCan awards were via @KotexKe Instagram and Facebook pages between 15th and 27th May, and voting is taking place upto June 11th 2020. After this, the final six women who exemplify the campaign values of the being authentic, committed to service, and connected to society will be announced

2020 has hit us a good one with COVID-2019 and we know that there are a lot of people at the frontline in the fight against the pandemic. We have women doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners who are involved in trying to free the country of the virus.  As per WHO statistics, women make upto 75% of healthcare practitioners and 87% of healthcare support staff. For this year’s awards therefore, Kotex is celebrating and highlighting women who are in the public health space in the country.

One of these women is Kenyan Doctor Nyachira Muthiga, a Medical Officer at Mbagathi District Hospital in Nairobi and a Medical Advisor to the University of Nairobi’s Science and Technology Park.

Dr. Nyachira is one of the first Kenyan doctors to have undertaken a World Health Organization (WHO) training on Critical Care on Corona Virus, and she has been sharing valuable Covid-19 management tips on her YouTube Channel as well as equipping medics across Quarantine Health Facilities and Hospitals.

Speaking of the struggles that the world is going through with COVID-19, the origins of the Kotex story are also incidentally dark. Kotex was created by wartime nurses who repurposed cellulose bandages for menstrual management in 1920. Over the years, the Kotex innovations have always been inspired by women. As Kotex was there for women in 1920, so is the pad with women now in 2020.

Kotex CSR

Statistics from FSG show that 65% of Kenyan women cannot afford sanitary pads. Towards this and as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Kotex, through the the 2020 #PeriodOrNotSheCan campaign has distributed over 50,000 sanitary pads to women and girls living in informal settlements.

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