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Bolt Helps Customers Stay Safe As Restrictions Ease Slightly

by Femme Staff

In the last presidential address in Kenya we welcomed news of some slight easing of curfew hours across the country. As small as a two hour extension may seem, there is some good that will come out of it. Traders in outdoor markets for example have a little more time to sell their wares, boda boda riders can squeeze in a few more trips and therefore earn some extra money, and the public transport has some more time to ferry people home. Such things are what will slowly bring activities back to normal amid all the necessary measures and people’s frustration will start to ease.

The pandemic is still here with us though and the easing of the curfew is not a signal for people to relax, but rather to slowly start adjusting to the new way of life. Taxi hailing app Bolt is scaling-up its service delivery options in a bid to help customers and drivers adjust to the new normal and stay safe. 

The company has significantly increased the number of vehicles under its new Bolt Protect category to over 800 cars and moved the category into the first option in the platform as the company seeks to improve its safety measures and strengthen its fight against the spread of the virus. The trips on Bolt Protect do not attract additional base fare and passengers do not pay extra when taking the rides.

Bolt has also scaled up its Bolt for Business Account to provide an affordable and user‑friendly platform for company rides, making it easier for companies to manage their employees as the country is opening up for business.

“We continue to strengthen our safety measures in the fight against Coronavirus and help passengers and drivers adjust to the new normal. We remain cognizant of the severity and the effects of this virus in the economy and continue to look into ways to offer support. The increased number of vehicles on boarded to the Bolt Protect category will offer more, safer and affordable rides to many customers and attracts the same base charges as the regular categories on our platform. 

We also offer a user-friendly Business Account to corporates with enough cars to facilitate movement of staff in an organized and affordable manner enabling each team member to get home safely and help the corporates to have better control over employee transportation needs,” said Ola Akinnusi, Bolt country manager, Kenya.

Further, the company has put measures to ensure contactless delivery on its Bolt Business Delivery platform in a bid to maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Bolt will also continue with its Wheel of Life initiative that seeks to provide access to hospitals for women in labour who might have obstetric emergencies during curfew hours, reducing maternal deaths during COVID -19 pandemic.

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