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The High Battery Capacity Tecno Pouvoir 4 Is Now Available In Kenya

by Femme Staff

See how the Tecno Camon series is heavily geared towards photography? Meet the Tecno Pourvoir series which though meant for any mobile phone user, it is best known for the battery capacity. The Pourvoir 4 which has a massive 6000mAh battery launched globally recently and is available in Kenya at Ksh.14,999/- at leading retailers countrywide.

It is said that a full charge of this battery is capable of powering the phone for four days straight without a single re-charge. I’m thinking that as much as this phone will be quite suitable for gamers and video creators and consumers, it will also come in very handy for the rural areas where many homes are not connected to electricity and people usually have to take their phones to charge at shopping centers at a fee.

The videos for the phone also tell of a story where you’re having a trip to somewhere, playing some good music, but the battery cuts off and you forgot your cable at home. This is also a very common scenario that a high capacity battery will come in handy to stem.

In another video you are out camping in the middle of nowhere with a friend or friends and taking all the time to play video games when you get the all to familiar battery warning sound. But you are not the least worried because you have a thousand power banks with you right? Wrong. Video games suck a lot of energy from devices and your power banks may soon all run out of juice just when the game is getting interesting.

I have not yet interacted with the gadget but I’ve read that is slimmer, sleeker and more light weight than its predecessors. Among other usual features like face unlock and fingerprint sensor, it has a premium glossy design and a unique button along the side to wake up a Virtual Google assistant at any time.

In a clear indication that it will be much preferred for gamers, it has a magic button that can be used as fire key in arcade/shooting games. Also, all you PUGB enthusiasts are covered with a scheduling system to ensure a pleasant lag free gaming experience, and a screen off gaming mode to save even more battery. More than 50% to be precise.

I can’t say a whole lot at the moment until I use the device and do a review. From what I can see, it will spark my interest in gaming and I’m here for that.

Keep it here for the review in a few.

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