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Nokia 5.3 Is Now Available In Kenya For Ksh23,000/-

by Femme Staff

The beautiful Nokia 5.3 smartphone is now available in the Kenyan market. The phone which had me at Zeiss imaging which I’ve always been a fan of is retailing for Kshs.23,000/-

You will also be pleased to note that as much as the phone comes with Android 10, it is ready for 11 and beyond so users are guaranteed monthly security updates for three years and Operating System updates for two years. Pure security updates are quite the plus especially now that we spend more time doing more on our phones due to restricted movements. Pure Android software also means no bloatware – something that is getting quite annoying and which I always speak about when writing about other phones that have it.

We are also looking at an adaptive battery that is Artificial Intelligence assisted so even in areas with prolonged blackouts, users have a chance at having their phones on for extended lengths of time. The battery itself is 4000mAh and will easily keep charged for a good 2 days. I always say this depends on use because for me I’m a very heavy phone user and therefore a battery drainer, but with AI, then yes, an average of two days is very doable. Nokia 5.3 does comes with the signature two-day battery life promise.

The phone has a 6.55” screen. That is by no means shabby – just right to fit into the pocket, into the palm of the hand and in the pocket. For those who like to play a game or two on their phones or for those who watch stuff including series and movies on the go on their phones, then this is quite a good screen size.

Nokia 5.3 has a versatile quad camera with which you can comfortably shoot macro or an entire scene. The rear camera is 13MP with a 2MP for depth and 2MP for macro focus, and an 8MP front facing camera.

As Artificial Intelligence gets more intelligent and more common place, it is also coming to phones and we can all enjoy features like powerful imaging and good use of battery. And of course there is the ever exiting Zeiss name which in this phone is enhanced for bokeh effects.

Nokia built and maintained a reputation of good hardware and durable handsets and that’s where we are still at with the 5.3 which has a 2.5D glass front and scratch resistant back. You can choose from 3 striking Nordic-inspired colors – Cyan, Sand and Charcoal and I would certainly go for Sand. Just to have a different coloured phone for the first time in a long time.

This smartphone has a smooth finish and is durable. It is available in Dual-Sim with a storage of 64GB. It also comes with a dedicated Google AssistantButton. The Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode provides an always-on-display when a device is charging, which allows for the viewing of calendar entries, commute times and other contextual information without needing to pick up the device

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