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You Can Now Redeem Bonga Points To Pay For Electricity And Here Is How

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Safaricom’s Bonga Point loyalty program is becoming more and more functional for customers. This is evidenced from company’s partnerships over the last months that have enabled people to use their Bonga Points to pay for an increased number of goods and services like hospital bills. Over the years since the Bonga point scheme was launched in 2007, customers have been able to purchase airtime, data bundles and affordable devices.

Kenyans have even been able to donate to the less fortunate members of society through the Bonga For Good initiative. An example is a touching story we did back in May where Kenyans came through for a home for Compassionate Hands For Disabled Children.  

In another development which will help Kenyan’s make much needed savings, Kenya Power has partnered with Safaricom to enable customers pay for electricity through Bonga Points. This comes at a time when Kenyans really need alternatives to spending hard cash since as we all know, incomes in many households are suppressed due to the economic effects of the pandemic. Customers can use the service to either buy tokens or to pay for bills at the rate of 20 cents per Bonga point.

This is a timely move as the country continues to encourage as many cash free transactions as possible in contribution to the fight against the pandemic. Presently, Kenya Power customers can pay for electricity using mobile money platforms and bank transfers, as alternative to cash payments.

How to redeem Bonga Points for electricity

To redeem Bonga Points for electricity units, dial *126# and select ‘Lipa Na Bonga Points’. Select ‘Pay Bill’ option, enter 888888 for postpaid or 888880 for prepaid and key in your account or prepaid meter number. Customers paying for electricity using Bonga Points will be subjected to the applicable electricity tariff as stipulated by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

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