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HMD Global’s $230 Million Investment For Improvement Of Handsets And Services

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More and better Nokia handsets and features are about to come your way as HMD announces a USD230 Million from some of its top global partners. The company which is headquartered in Espoo Finland started operations in 2016 and has since managed to spread its footprints to 91 markets across eight regions. It has sold over 240 Million handsets to date through its 250,000 outlets. These handsets are designed to cover a range of customers and price points as is already evident from the handsets we have seen already.

This latest investment will enable Nokia cover four key areas in its strategic plans. One, an acceleration towards making 5G enabled smartphones to its customers. Two, successfully transition into a digital-first offering as part of the inevitable post-COVID-19 reality. Three, expansion of its presence in key markets like the recently introduced operations in Brazil, Africa and India. And four, going beyond hardware and into a holistic mobile service provider.

For instance, this year alone, HMD Global launched its international data roaming service, HMD Connect, enhanced its mobile cybersecurity capabilities with the acquisition of assets of Valona Labs, and built dedicated resources on software, security and services with a new research and development Centre of Excellence in Tampere, Finland. HMD Global is becoming increasingly popular with both enterprises and consumers who are looking for a pure, secure, and up-to-date smartphone experience. 

“Our unique business model, based on asset-light global deployment and strong partnerships with the best in the industry, is entering a new level of maturity with the valued support of some of the most influential market-makers in mobile devices. I am extremely proud of our significant achievements to date and also thrilled about the immense opportunity before us to accelerate our journey towards excellence.” Jean-Francois Baril, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, HMD Global.

As the only major European smartphone manufacturer, Nokia promises better experiences with their handsets and services, like security and dependability which have always been the cornerstone of their offerings.

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