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Use Your Equity Card At Dignity Furniture And Naivas And Get Discounts & Free Delivery

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Until 18th September 2020, Equity customers who shop using their cards will get discounts and installment purchases at no extra interest from the furniture outlet Dignity. Card users will also be able to enjoy refunds on delivery fee when they shop online from Naivas supermarkets. This great initiative kills two birds with one stone. Customers get to save some money, and they also get to transact with minimal contact if any. And we all know that in these times of the pandemic, we need to reduce contact as much as possible.

Here are more facts about the partnership between Equity and merchants.

  • Equity has entered into a partnership with retail furniture outlet Dignity Collection that will see Equity card holders get a 10% discount on selected items at the store.
  • Customers can make purchases via an installments plan, where they make a 40% deposit with the balance payable within a 2 month period, at no extra charge on interest. Collection or delivery of the goods purchased is after the payment has been completed.
  • Through the partnership, Equity aims to leverage on its card offering by incentivizing the customers to make contactless payments, during the COVID-19 era, in support of government measures to facilitate cashless transactions.  
  • Equity Card holders who wish to make online purchases (www.dignity.co.ke) can still benefit from the offer by using the Discount Coupon Code: DIGNITY
  • Equity’s strategy aims to ensure cash lite transactions are secure and convenient to the customers. During these period where remote transactions are being encouraged, families will still be able to make uninterrupted payments via contactless payment channels.
  • Dignity Collection has a show room and sales office on Langata road, next to Carnivore, Head Office & sales office on Mombasa road and are soon opening a new show room on Thika road.  

Angukia Discount with Naivas Promotion 

  • Equity customers who shop online on the Naivas website (www.naivas.co.ke) using their Equity Visa card will enjoy a refund on their delivery fee
  • To enter into the promotion, Equity Visa cardholders just need to purchase goods worth KShs. 1,000/= and above using the Visa service from Naivas online during the promotion period and get free delivery service.
  • The free delivery shall be in form of a cash-back send directly to the customer’s Naivas e-wallet within 24 hours of the transaction to be used on the next purchase.
  • The offer is valid until 18th September 2020.

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