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Welcome To The realme Family – Unboxing The realme C11

by Femme Staff

First, I was genuinely excited about this phone because for the first time in a long time I’m working with a totally new brand. I have tonnes of reviews on this site but the biggest percentage of them are upgrades and next series of something I have already done before. Realme is a new entrant into the Kenyan market and so not only was I unboxing a shiny new thing, but one that I have not worked on before.

A shiny new gadget is not all that was exciting me. I’m not that fickle :-D. I’m also really exited by the fact that this phone is really a beauty to look at. My unit came in mint green and realme has a unique back cover, camera positioning and branding. First impressions upon unboxing is that it is a well thought out design and a conversation starter.

For this article I will not be saying a whole lot because I’m still using the phone and I intend to do a comprehensive review in a bit where we talk about the features more in-depth. For now, we unbox this beauty. A what’s in the box kinda thing. I’m working from outside Nairobi at the moment and the agency was kind enough to courier the phone to my local G4S office.

Shall we?

Femmehub #DareToLeap #WeArerealmeKE
Simple catchy packaging I’d say.
Femmehub #DareToLeap #WeArerealmeKE
“Hey, welcome to the realme family”
I find the welcome message quite endearing
A pocket where you find the ejector pin for the SIM tray, and also important literature on the phone and how to use it.
“Let’s embrace the a new journey together”. Also quite endearing and welcoming.
Femmehub #DareToLeap #WeArerealmeKE
The gadget itself. Mint green. I really really love the branding because it is quite visible and yet not in your face. I feel it blends well with the overall design of the phone as well as the camera positioning.
The realme C11 family nice and simple. Simplicity always works like a charm.

I’ve started using the phone here and there and the first thing I did was to go on a walk about to a nearby hotel to take some photos.

Realme C11 is retailing for Ksh.9,999/-. It is therefore pretty much an entry level phone with a friendly price and so to be fair, expectations should be kept at a certain level.

See you in the next article where I post which is a purely photographic journey of the phone.

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