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A Photo Journey With The realme C11

by Femme Staff

Day one with the realme C11 smartphone and as promised in the previous article, we’re taking the phone on a photographic journey.

The phone has a 5 MP selfie camera and a13MP + 2MP back camera. The pics are in their raw form. I could edit them before posting them but why? Let’s get the real deal.

That’s a whole lot of photos but we could do with some more to see how the realme C11 captures very bright colours at close range.

I have since stopped carrying handcream in their little little containers. With the amount of handwashing and drying sanitizers that is going on, I straight up carry with me a whole 400ml lotion.
Lip care? Don’t ask. I need help maybe. See how different people are addicted to different things? I’m addicted to lip balms.
My excuse is that sometimes I need a bit of shimmer. Other times just a hint of colour. Not green though. That does not come green. Other times berries. Other times a hint of colour that is reddish just like the other reddish one. hahaha
And then sometimes I just need good old Vaseline. Or the re-assuring tingle of a medicated Carmex.
Ever chewed the edge of your lipbalm to make an emergency toothpick? Me neither.

So, that is my camera journey of the realme C11. I’m now embarking on using the phone for a bit and taking a deeper look at the features.

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