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LG Electronics unveils its Commercial Laundry Reference Store in Buruburu

by Femme Staff

Commercial laundry is coming close to the people by the day. Last week for example, LG electronics launched its first commercial laundry store in Buruburu. This has the company’s range of commercial washers and dryers. The reference store is designed to provide customers business ideas and insights into LG’s Commercial Laundry System a total laundry solution that comes with complete set-up of LG washer and dryer equipment and end-to-end business support.

The LG Commercial Laundry system provides differentiated values to enterprises and customers that includes product reliability, low maintenance cost and energy and space saving features. The commercial washers provide superior durability and reliability, thanks to the LG Inverter Direct Drive™ that offers customers quiet and low vibration performance. It comes with minimal parts which means customers do not need to worry about repairs. On the other hand, the LG commercial dryers incorporate a durable heavy-duty motor that results in better drying performance and increased drying capacity.

The stackable design for the washers and dryers allows more customers and more machines in limited space, suitable for businesses of all sizes. The Laundromat will provide new experience bearing in mind Hygiene and Sanitization needs of the customers.

The commercial equipment are available in two main models: Titan C and Giant C+.

 “The laundromat business remains a venture with potential in the Kenyan market. With this Laundromat store, we seek to empower interested entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to venture into the laundry business market and set-up their own self-service laundry stores. The Laundromat Business has transformed the livelihood of several communities globally, from the end users to the investors. For example Asian countries and other Continents”Mr. Sa Nyoung Kim – LG East AFrica Managing Director

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