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The realme C11 Smartphone – My User Experience And Review

by Femme Staff
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After spending a few weeks with the realme C11 phone which is a new entrant into the Kenyan market, I’ve come to appreciate the good and the not so good of the phone though I can confidently say that it is mostly good. Here are my thoughts based on my user experience.


The realme C11 has a refreshing new design, quite removed from a lot of budget phones around. When I unboxed my unit, what immediately caught my eye was the subtle mint green colour which makes it a suitable for anyone to use. There is also a grey version to this. The phone gives off an air of quality and good finish, and this is something quite welcome for a budget phone.

It is textured with muted and barely there wavy lines that look like fingerprints, save for a thick stripe that runs all the way up and houses the camera housing. It is on this stripe that the branding is – well engraved so that it is clear and prominent but not in your face.

The textured effect gives the phone quite some good grip, and I think those who drop their phones due to glossy slippery finishes are in for a luckier time with this phone. Something else I liked about the texture is that it is not a fingerprint magnet, so that the phone maintains its looks, and stays cleaner for longer. Maybe that’s why it does not come with a plastic case.

The phone features a 3.5mm audio socket and single speaker at the bottom and power and volume buttons on the right side.


The realme C11 really shines in the battery department, coming in with a good 5000mAh battery. With normal everyday use like social media, picking calls, a few videos here and there and lots of chatting, I was able to use the phone for day and a half without needing to charge it again. I’m not much of a gamer but obviously if I added constant gaming to the mix or if I were to give it to a child to spend time on games, then battery would last a shorter time. Maybe a full day without worries of running out.

I’m quite heavy on social media, chatting and audio music though and so anyone who is not should be able to enjoy 2 full days and even more.


Internal memory is 32GB and 2GB RAM. You may therefore not be able to jam the phone with too many photos, videos, downloads, movies etc. But to be fair, it is a budget phone that comes at the fair price of Ksh9.999/- and so it would be out of the way to expect too much from it in terms of storage and other features as well. My advise would be to go easy on storage from the word go so that you’re not dealing with a glitching phone within a short time.


Security is either a 6 digit PIN or face unlock.


The phone has a 13 megapixels rear camera and a 5 megapixels selfie camera. It has other features like time lapse, slow-mo and panorama and this is a good gesture because gone are the days when budget phone users were given barely there cameras. The camera is nowhere near shabby and the photos are quite good, but once again I would advise users to manage their expectations considering it is a budget phone.

Before I even used the phone at all, I took a walk about with it to capture colours and see how the camera is. The weather, and therefore lighting has not been the best of late so I was not able to take bright sunshine photos but I did test the cameras in different circumstances and did a post specifically about that. Do have a look at it.

Fun fact

The test song on the phone is realme 😀


At Ksh9,999/-, this is certainly a good phone for its price point. Very easy on the eye and quite functional with well balanced features. It could get glitchy with overuse so expectations should generally be kept in check but if your budget and usage are within a not too high range, then definitely go for it.

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