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How The Tecno Camon 16 Premier Superior Imaging Works

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In its brand promise to keep bringing latest technologies to customers at fair prices, Tecno has continued to launch gadget after gadget, with each being more advanced than the other. For example, we can confidently laud the company for bringing near professional photography to thousands of customers at pocket friendly prices. And not just photography but videography as well.

The decisions that are made before manufacturing these gadgets are customer led, which means that the company does research in the market and determines what is needed. This is how they are able to bring refined  technological breakthroughs year after year. Tecno’s research centers make use of multiple data supported algorithms and come up with devices that put sophisticated photography in users’ hands.

One phone series that has always delivered superior photography is the Camon series, with the Camon 16 having been successfully launched through the first augmented reality (AR) online product launch that integrated technology and photography. The phone boasts an industry-first rear 64MP quad camera and a front 48MP configuration. One of the main attractions is the trademarked TAIVOS™ technology, which is one of the key outputs of TAIVOS™ lab – providing users an excellent and unprecedented visual experience, especially at night and low-light environments.

TAIVOS™, which stands for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution, is an advanced signal processing technology that interprets raw data through an AI multi-framed, portrait segmentation based on tens of millions of data points. This capability means that TAIVOS™ can filter image noise better and optimize image clarity, thereby enhancing night photography effects. Not long ago, TAIVOS™ technology won the CVPR 2020 LIP global competition, the first place in the dark complexion segmentation track, which also validates the prowess of the Camon 16 Premier.

When compared to other smartphones, the Tecno Camon 16 Premier can better filter image noise and optimize image clarity. Combined with the ultra-clear 48MP front camera and 64MP rear camera to enhance night-time photography, Tecno’s night shooting mode becomes a big selling point of the smartphone.

In addition, most of the mobile phones usually only sports 1080 pixels resolution for video recording and playing, while the Tecno Camon 16 Premier makes use of its TAIVOS™ technology along with a 2.9 μm super-large lens pixels to be able to film better in dark environments than normal camera. This configuration delivers twice as effective results as that of ordinary mobile phones.

The Tecno Camon 16 Premier can also perform intelligent recognition through AI, distinguish super night scenes, dark environments, and portraits with professional-level quality. The integrated software can segment and identify portrait-style photos, so that users can manipulate and edit videos to meet their creative vision, in both night and day. Tecno has painstakingly considered these details in the pursuit of empowering users to create the most perfect images, be it in video or photo form.

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