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How The LG AI DD Washing Machine Allergy Care Feature Works

by Femme Staff
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For people without allergies, it is often easy to dismiss them as a small matter. But there are those for whom allergies can make the difference between a good day and a really bad one. Or a day spent at home and one spent at a dispensary with a sick baby.

Allergies are to be kept away at all times and particularly so at this time when we’re dealing with a pandemic, we want to keep all respiratory ailments at bay. Not that allergens can bring about Covid-19, but for peace of mind and mental well being, everyone just wants to keep their airways clear.

Allergens are everywhere, including on our clothes and if you’re using a washing machine that does not take care of these, then you and your family are likely to be dealing with too many sniffles especially with the kids.

The LG AI DD washing machine has inbuilt features t0 take care of these allergens and keep your family sniffle free. At least the sniffles caused by clothing.  The machine has been tested and certified to remove 99.9% allergens from clothing by using a combination of intelligent features.

One, it is programmed to use optimal temperature to dissolve and loosen the allergens when washing. It then drains out the dissolved allergens during the rinse and spin cycle, leaving your clothes fresh and safe to wear. All this is achieved courtesy of the Steam+ feature which also gets rid of wrinkling. Remember when clothes came out of a washing machine looking like they’ve been chewed? Not any more.

The Steam+ feature will reduce wrinkling by 30% and this makes ironing so much easier. Once again if you look at it, this reduction in ironing saves on time and energy and that’s why in an earlier article, we mentioned that as much as a lot of people fear washing machines because of energy consumption, that should not be the case. These time and energy savings add up in the long run and make having a washing machine worth it.

What is the difference between Steam and Steam+?

In conventional machines, when steam is made in the bottom heater, it rises up into the inner drum. But with the LG AI DD machine, there’s enough space between the heater and the inner drum so that you get steam without wetting the fabric. This once again improves energy efficiency.

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