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Safaricom Foundation’s Ndoto Zetu Initiative Supports Ukambani Residents With Projects Worth KES 7 Million

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Safaricom Foundation has supported twenty-seven projects in the Ukambani region in the last few weeks. The projects have been funded through the Ndoto Zetu initative at a cost of KES 7 Million.

Residents of Makueni, Kitui, and Machakos counties who applied for their community dreams to be realized received support in Education, Health, and Economic empowerment.

“Ndoto Zetu Initiative is keen on addressing the social and economic effects that affect the community, to ensure improved quality of life. It is part of our commitement to impact communities that we have focused on for the last 20 years,” said Joseph Ogutu, Chairman, Safaricom Foundation.

A group of 30 farmers in Mbooni, Makueni County, who used to borrow a shared generator to pump water from the dam to their farms for irrigation, received a diesel water pump. The farmers will be connecting pipes directly from the generator at the dam site. The pump will reduce the trouble of carrying the water pipes to the dam area.

Ushirika wa Wajane group in Emali and Itaani group in Mbooni received tents and chairs while Inua Jamii group in Kibwezi received catering equipment.

In the last two months, the foundation, through Ndoto Zetu, has supported over 100 projects directly impacting close to 100,000 people.

Through the initiative, Safaricom Foundation asks individual Kenyans to share their dreams and aspirations that will positively impact their communities. During the first phase of the initiative last year, the foundation implemented over 300 projects across 40 counties at KES 30 Million, reaching more than 50,000 people.

List of Beneficiaries


  1. Handover of Catering Equipment to Inua Jamii Self Help Group Kibwezi, Makueni County
  2. Handover of Tents and Chairs to Itaani .S.G.H, Makaueni County
  3. Handover of Diesel Water Pump to Earth Dam Self Help Group  Mbooni  in Makueni 
  4. Handover of an equipped Maternity wing to  Kilungu Sub County Hospital, Makueni County
  5. Handover of a water pump to Ngiluni-Utuneni Earth dam Self Help Group, Makueni County
  6. Handover of Mikokoteni to Kikumbulyu north youth group, Makueni County
  7. Handover of tents and chairs to Ushirika Wa Wajane Women Group, Makueni County
  8. Handover of modern facility equipment to Gaketha Dispensary, Makueni County
  9. Handover of Water Tanks For Kusyongali Secondary School, Makueni County
  10. Handover of water tanks and lockers to Mbooni Aic Girls Secondary School


  1. Handover of Tents and Chairs to Will Compassionate Heart Group  in Mwembe Tayari, Kitui County
  2. Handover of tents and Chairs to Kyanika Adult Class Women Group, Kitui County
  3. Handover of an equipped workshop to  Kathungu Vocational Training Center, Kitui County
  4. Handover of school desks, chairs, and computers to equip a computer labNdalani Primary School, Kitui County
  5. Handover of School double-deckers and beddings to Kaliakakya secondary school, Kitui County
  6. Handover of textbooks to Kyeni Primary school, Kitui County
  7. Handover of desks to Musikio Primary school, Kitui County


  1. Handover of Tents and Chairs to Ushirika Wa Wajane  Women Group in Masimba in Emali, Machakos County
  2. Handover of an equipped Maternity wing to Tulila Dispensary, Machakos County
  3. Handover of an equipped Maternity wing to Masewani Dispensary, Machakos County
  4. Handover of tents and chairs to Sub Marine Youth Group, Machakos County
  5. Handover of tents and chairs to Sixteen sisters women group, Machakos County
  6. Handover of football kits to  Mathuntaini FC, Machakos County
  7. Handover of Sports kits to Matuu GHM Memorial Girls, Machakos County
  8. Handover of furniture to Kaloleni primary school, Machakos County
  9. Handover of water tanks to Kwakulu primary school, Ndalani, Machakos County
  10. Handover of a constructed and equipped Library, Uamani primary school, Machakos County

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