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New LG Brand Shop At AdLife Plaza For Kilimani Residents

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Despite everything that has been going on, there is an increase in demand for LG Electronics by approximately 20% since March this year. This is due to the modern consumer getting tech savvy and wanting to latch onto LG’s smart electronics and appliances. For example, in the last months there has been a spike in the purchase of the LG TwinWash washing machines, the LG OLED televisions and NanoCell television. Just as well. The world is fast moving towards better and better technology to manage their lives and no one should be left behind.  

Amid this increased demand, LG has opened its fourth brand shop in partnership with Opalnet Limited who are authorized LG distributors. The shop is at AdLife Plaza in Kilimani and will stock all of LG’s popular household and electronic products.

The new shop will also feature a ThinQ Experience Zone displaying products equipped with Smart ThinQ and AI technology. This is intended to give consumers an exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand how the company is enabling the AI premium lifestyle experience. The product lineup will include the OLED TVs, InstaView, Door-in-Door refrigerators, LG TwinWash washing machines and Dual Cool Air Conditioners among other home appliances.

LG East Africa remains a leading supplier of home electronics and appliances in the region and has stores in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zambia and Rwanda. Over the years, the company has been working closely with Opalnet Limited to ensure that LG products get as closer its consumers. Currently, there are four shops in the Kenyan market as the company plans to expand the to other towns in the country as well as in the East Africa region.

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