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Security Is One Of The Important Benefits Of 5G – Huawei.

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Do we ever stop to think about the weight that communication networks have on their shoulders as far as cybersecurity is concerned? There is no denying that cyber security has become quite a big deal as these companies hold a lot of confidential data for individuals, companies and even Governments.

Cyber criminals on the other hand would want to get onto that data and they’re getting more and more savvy. They’re exploring smarter ways to take advantage of the huge audience that the internet and technology in general affords them. Cyber-crime is therefore one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Everything has to be done to keep these criminals in check and as much as everyone involved is doing their part, communication networks that own, manage and control telecommunications companies take the bulk of the job.

Speaking at an ISACA Kenya online conference for instance, Huawei’s Global Vice President for Cybersecurity and Privacy highlighted Huawei’s leadership, expertise and track record on cybersecurity and privacy whilst also explaining how secure communications networks are based on independently verifiable technical standards.

He introduced Huawei’s leading practices in cybersecurity alongside a proven track record, and explaining how secure 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) are based on technologies and standards. Huawei has established multiple management systems and incorporated internationally recognized cyber security certification standards and requirements into product R&D with third-party labs to certify Huawei products. The company has already obtained over 300 certifications and in May became the first vendor to pass the NESAS audit for 5G wireless and core network equipment.

Mika Lauhde’s speech explained how 5G is much more secure than 4G and earlier technologies such as 3G and 2G; in fact security is one of the important benefits of 5G that is becoming more important as online threats increase, alongside other 5G benefits of speed, capacity and latency.

He also explained how 5G has some different attributes that improve security, particularly that of network slicing, where a network can be tweaked for different users, and keep the data flowing through those slices separate, thus those using 5G for gaming or streaming would be on a different slice compared to those using it for smart meters, for business use, or for transmitting more sensitive health data. Furthermore, algorithms used for encrypting information transmitted on 5G networks are designed so that even quantum computers of the future won’t be able to crack them.

Finally, referencing Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping’s previous statement in 2019, Mika concluded saying that Huawei is the most audited and inspected company in the industry and that no other equipment provider has undergone the scrutiny that Huawei has, so: “for the greatest security, choose Huawei”.

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