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Herbal Tonics And Medicines For Boosting Immunity

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Traditional and herbal tonics and medicines have been used since time immemorial for prevention of diseases as well as treatment of the same. Every single community on earth has their unique herbs that are found in localities, that they use to keep their health and well being in top shape. While some communities have completely lost touch with this aspect of their heritage, some have kept it going and are now able to develop their herbal medicines, package them, and sell them to the rest of the world.

One of these countries is China. When export of traditional medicines is mentioned, China ranks tops. And not just export. The people of China also believe in their traditional medicine to a very high extent and the benefits are evident in the fact that they live relatively healthier lives as compared to other countries.

One such Chinese entity that deals in these medicines and others is Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The company yesterday launched herbal medicines in Kenya to boost immunity, treat and manage viral pneumonias. In Kenya, this global manufacturer is operating under a local agent XRP Medical Kenya Limited, and it is through them that it has introduced Healthouself Formular 3 and Healthouself Formula 5. These two formulations are meant for prevention and strengthening of immunity and treatment for all types of severe acute respiratory infections. They have been used in China to reduce cases of acute respiratory infections by boosting human immunity.

XRP Medical Kenya is approved and certified by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and this speaks to their safety for use. Healthouself formular 3 is mainly used for prevention against flu, colds and nosocomial infections while Healthouself formula 5 is mainly used in the treatment of viral pneumonias, severe respiratory infections and zoonotic infections. The products have undergone rigorous scrutiny exercise by relevant government bodies and the World Health Organization and approved for human consumption.

The components of these herbal formulations have been tried and tested in China and are safe as a complementary prevention alongside other treatment options to manage respiratory diseases. They will go a long way in improving and boosting immunity as well as in the fight against viral pneumonias. This is much needed help to communities and the Kenyan Ministry of Health in the management of these very common ailments.


A box of Healthouself Formula 3 retails at Ksh2,500/- while Healthouself formula 5 retails at Ksh4,400/-. They are available for purchase on the company’s website,  as well as online retail outlets – Jumia and local pharmaceutical distributors.

“As an institution, we believe prevention is better than cure and so we aspire to introduce more and more products to awaken the giants within us. Our bodies are naturally wired to fight some of these ailments if we take necessary action and boost our immunity accordingly. With the unprecedented times that we are in, we hope that Kenyans will more and more warm up to the idea of preventing themselves against viral pneumonias by boosting their immunity while complementing the same with other drugs as advised by their doctors”.Edgar Ngugi, General Manager, XRP Medical Kenya.

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