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A Lot Of IP Network Complexities Are Unnecessary

by Femme Staff
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Networks are complex and that does not always have to be the case. Sometimes what players need more of is architecture standardization to avoid the unnecessary complexity. This has not been done in all these years that the world has been embracing 3G, 4G, and 5G which were built without adequate foresight. Next generation networks were them built on top of the existing ones and it is this lack of visibility, management and control that is creating complexities.

Towards this, at the recent AfricaCom event from November 9-12, part of the virtual Africa Tech Festival, Huawei held an online IP Gala conference with its industry partners to introduce the Key Architecture Index (KAI) and share its applications. The theme of the conference was “Leading intelligent IP networks, accelerating intelligent connectivity”.

KAI architecture specifically addresses complexity challenges, enabling future-ready networks with easy integration, visibility, management and control, by measuring five dimensions of the transport network. The KAI model indexes are Congestion Free, Scalability, Simplification, Always-on and Intelligence. Each dimension is evaluated across the optical, IP and the manager/controller/analyzer layer.

“We have to forever simplify our networks while moving to intelligent self-driving autonomous networks,”Samuel Chen, Director of Huawei Southern Africa Marketing & Solution Sales Department

The KAI model helps measure the results at an acceptable level across all of our offering portfolio so that we can realise a cloud-native based approach to monitoring the architecture.

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