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Tips For Driving In The Rain

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Driving in the rain is one of those things you do on a must do basis. If you can avoid it and plan your trip for another day, the better. But of course life does not work like that and so what is left is to take precaution. These tips for driving in the rain are brought to you courtesy of Minet Motor academy.

Check the weather forecast before traveling

Delaying your trip does not mean a less eventful journey. During heavy downpour, its best to park your car aside. That break could make a huge difference in your journey and save you from unpleasant eventualities ahead.

Defog your windscreen

Switch on both the front and back demisters and turn on your air conditioner to defog your windscreen.

Keep your headlights on

Turning on your headlights will increase your visibility. Other drivers and incoming motorists are also able to see your car on the road.

Avoid large water patches

Be mindful of other motorists and pedestrians on the road. Do not splash water on their windscreens as this will affect their already poor visibility and this could lead to an accident that could actually involve even you.

Slow down

Wet roads are very dangerous. Do not drive at high speeds in the rain.

Always replace worn out tires

Ensure your tire treads are frequently checked by a mechanic, especially during the rainy seasons. This will prevent the skidding of your car on slippery roads, or other more unfortunate incidences like tire bursts.

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