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5 Driving Tips That Help Prevent Motor Accidents

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A motor vehicle accident is something that can alter the direction of your life in a split second. A lot of time it could even lead to death. It is therefore very important that we keep as safe as possible on the road and here are a few tips courtesy of Minet Motor Academy.

Plan adequately for your journey

Familiarize yourself with the routes before a long-distance journey by checking your Google maps the night before the journey. This will prevent the use of mobile phones while driving.

Set your Google maps to voice navigation mode

Google maps voice navigation will spell out the routes hence prevent distractions while driving through unfamiliar places. Keep other road users and yourself safe by using the voice navigation.

Avoid changing music while driving

A split-second distraction could cause an accident. preset your favourite music files before commencing on the journey.

Purchase a Bluetooth headset

A good pair of Bluetooth headset does not cost much when you think about it in terms of keeping you and other road users safe. Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is connected to your headset to receive calls while driving.

Keep water bottles away from the driver’s side

Water bottles can easily roll under the brake pedal, making it impossible to apply the brakes. Make sure you have a designated place to keep water bottles, including the empty ones which you can then go and dispose of properly when you get to your destination.

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