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5 Warnings You Should Never Ignore In Your Car

by Femme Staff
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Your car does a good job of keeping you informed on what is going on internally. Many of the warnings that your car gives you will be displayed on the dash board. Ideally you should never ignore any warning your car gives you and here are the ones you should have checked without procrastination.  

Engine temperature warning light

The warning alerts you when your engine is too hot. Pulling over to let your car cool down will prevent the destruction of the car’s engine.

Oil pressure warning

Where this warning is on, your engine is running on low oil, or there is a problem with your car’s oil pressure system. The best action is to pull over and contact a mechanic. If you’re near a petrol station the better.

Engine Warning

The engine light will blink when your engine has an issue. The best call to action is to immediately contact your mechanic for accurate diagnosis. Do not delay engine checks as this could cost you a lot.

Tire pressure warning light

This sign means that the pressure on one or more of your tires is too low and needs to be attended to. Running on low pressure is a recipe for dangers to you and to other road users.

Vehicle Servicing

This sigh will be illuminated when the vehicle requires to be checked and any routine service done, and any mechanical repairs done.

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