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5G And The Covid-19 Conspiracies Surrounding It

by Femme Staff
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Thousands, if not millions of businesses and organizations now have a partial or full element of connectivity to them – cellular or otherwise. Actually, we can safely say that a business or organization that is not making use of good technology is losing out on a lot of opportunities towards improvement.

One of the technologies that is promising to drive the mobile world into the next age is 5G. A breakthrough that is here with us, and a future that really can’t be stopped. After all, the world is demanding more and more super connectivity to feed the needs for further technologies like cloud and Internet of Things.

There have always been health and environmental concerns surrounding 5G. For the uninformed, it would look like this is technology that is coming with enough radiation to annihilate the universe. Or at the very least make us all zombies. As much as there would have to be loads of evidence to support such a claim, there is actually nothing credible to back that claim.

And then there are the strange conspiracy theories that attempted to link 5G and Covid-19. A community of people who are so firm about the unsubstantiated claims that they have even organized anti 5G demonstrations in some cities in the middle of the lockdowns. A common thread among people who were against 5G is that they are also against vaccination, and against medicine generally.

Which means that the believers and spreaders of the Covid-19/5G rumours are clearly working against guidelines from expert public health bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Some of the rumours are based on misinformation that Covid-19 is not real, and the whole communication about it is meant to scare the world into accepting the vaccines that are associated with it. And that the vaccines are a plot by some powerful individuals to tag millions of people around the world.

There are many conspiracy theories about many things but this is just about the wildest I’ve heard. Covid-19 deaths are real and evident. So why would anyone dispute something that is so visible? A pandemic that has had such devastating effects globally? Well the rumour spreaders do believe in these theories and that’s ok. What is not ok is to fly in the face of science and healthcare experts, and spread misinformation about such a sensitive issue. And especially in these days of social media, spreading fake news has become a breeze.

We have had so much to learn and unlearn since Covid-19 checked in. The best we can do as a people is learn to sift through the truths and the rumours by listening to the right people. In this case science and healthcare bodies have since had a better hold on the pandemic since it is no longer too new, and we should allow them to steer the world clear of the virus. After all science has more often than not come through for humanity. Science has so far not tried to sell the idea that Covid-19 is linked to 5G.

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