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Healthouself Herbal Medications From China – All You Need To Know

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Some quick facts about the herbal medication for respiratory diseases which we looked at here.

The company that does sales and distribution for Healthouself was registered in Kenya in April 2020.

XRP decided to set up shop in Kenya because they are aiming to give their best service to Kenyan people with the medical resources from China. Here in Kenya, XRP intends to be dealing with herbal medicines, conventional medicine, medical devices and consumables.

XRP whose products are targeted for public and private customers already has 10 members of staff, and intends to add onto that number as the business grows.

The products they have currently are Healthouself 3 and 5. Healthouself Formular 3 is a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) used for the prevention of infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It is composed of the Jade Screen formula which was created by Zhu Danxi, a famous medical scientist in the Yuan Dynasty more than seven hundred years ago.

In clinical use, this product has been verified for having a powerful role in strengthening immunity and preventing diseases for over seven hundred years. On this basis, Healthouself Formular 3, with the appropriate alterations to the variety of herbal medicine, is suitable for people who are prone to colds, weakness and sweat perfusion.

Healthouself Formular 5 is a special formulation that has been used to treat viral infections especially upper respiratory tract that include viral pneumonias, bronchitis and bacterial infections.

The active ingredients in Healthouself Formular 5 have been proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits hence useful for all types of severe respiratory infections.

Various studies in china have demonstrated that for patients at the early stages of viral pneumonia, its use alone was sufficient to reduce fever symptoms and viral loads. For patients with severe conditions and under critical care, use of Healthouself formula 5 with conventional therapy complimented each other and this combination aids in patient recovery within a short period of continued treatment.

It has an excellent therapeutic effect, good anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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