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Covid-19 – A Light At The End Of The Tunnel With Vaccines

by Femme Staff
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It looks like there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel as far as beating Covid-19 is concerned. At least as per the news we’re reading about vaccine research, development and distribution. Not to say that we should drop our guard and stop being careful. But at least we can breath and the world can confidently start looking at possible post Covid-19 recovery plans.

Given the devastation that Covid has brought about, there’s a lot of work to be done to recover what is left of our economy, our farming sector, our healthcare, our education sector, our travel and tourism and indeed just about every sector. Millions of jobs have been lost and families have suffered and this needs to be worked on soonest.

And that is why a solid eradication plan is crucial. We could only have gone for so long with the damaging effects that the pandemic had on our health systems, our mental health, our education system and just about everything we knew as normal.

So as we emerge from the darkness that has been Covid-19, there is so much to be done and just about every individual and entity has a role to play. It is difficult to gauge who has contributed what towards the end of this pandemic but researchers rank right up there with frontline medical personnel.

Research conducted by scientist all over the world has been a very essential player in the rapid development of vaccines in response to COVID-19. Governments and other philanthropic organizations have poured billions into vaccine companies since the pandemic began to accelerate the delivery of their products. And we’re finally seeing results as the vaccine that may just end it all begins to get rolled out.

With Corona Virus, we’re looking at vaccines worth billions to the pharmaceutical world. Furthermore, there’s the very real possibility that vaccine activated immunity could go down in individuals with time. That means that billions more doses will be required as booster shots over the years. And that means that there is still need for more research and more funds. So, even as the world celebrates the milestones that have been made towards the eventual eradication of this disease, there is still need for more research and more monetary support to researchers.

Not everyone can do the heavy lifting towards elimination of Covid-19 though. What can you do as an individual? Stay safe, follow the laid down protocols, and protect your loved ones.

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