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The LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator. A Winning Design.

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The LG InstaView refrigerators are not only a step towards more modernity and more convenience, but also towards good looking home appliances. If you’ve ever gone looking for a fridge, you’re familiar with rows and rows of identical fridges with no option whatsoever for customers who would like to go against the grain. This is not the case with InstaView which offers some outstanding design work to spice up your living space, and technology to make your purchase worthy.


The fridges come in premium finish matte black and platinum silver. Colours that will easily blend in without clashing with other household items and home décor. Black and silver are versatile colours and have power to be the anchors or focal points of a well decorated kitchen.

Easy Access

Both the matte black and the silver fridge have the door-in-door feature which is an easy way to get the things that you need most often. Door-in-door simply means a smaller compartment that is built into the main door of the fridge. This compartment has refrigeration capabilities of its own, which enables users to store quick reach items without necessarily opening the whole fridge door. What’s more exciting, it has the ‘knock twice to see inside’ feature which means that as a user you can see inside without having to open even that smaller compartment itself. This feature enhances the usability of the fridge.

Organized interior

A lot of the refrigerators that we grew up with and some that we’re using even now are just open spaces. Not so with the LG InstaView fridges which have quite a bit of nifty features to make arrangement of food and drinks easier and more convenient. One of them is the door-in-door mentioned above, and there are several others like veggie box to keep vegetables fresh, fruit box, utility boxes, and a wine rack.

InstaView also has the space plus ice system. As opposed to having the ice maker as a compartment occupying space in the fridge, LG has this one on the door. They also made it slim and removable. Quite a range of options to maximize space for maximum use.

Square Pocket Handles

If one is purchasing a refrigerator as premium as the LG InstaView, then it is well worth it that it be stylish. This fridge is already stylish, and the square pocket handles feature add to that. These are handles that are recessed as opposed to protruding. They give your fridge and the overall living space a sleek modern look.

The LG InstaView refrigerator is loaded with design wins which we shall be looking at in future articles on here.

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