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Credit Bank Named Top Tier III Lender

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Credit Bank plc has been named best Tier 3 Bank, 2020, according to a new customer survey. The Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted by the Kenya Bankers Association during the pandemic, gauged Kenyan banks’ adoption of digital banking.

For the third year running, Credit Bank received recognition as the Best in Customer Responsiveness and Digital Experience.

The survey, which obtained feedback from over 15,000 respondents, showed that most bank clients preferred the use of fully automated platforms while accessing banking services with 43% of respondents opting for mobile and internet banking, and more than 70% citing convenience and efficient as their main interest. .

Banks had to re-orient and reframe their customer offerings in line with the requirements of the new Covid-19 context, with investments in in digital banking becoming a game-changer.

Recent ventures by Credit Bank such as revamping the mobile banking app “CB Konnect” have enabled customers to transact from anywhere, with numerous value additions like applying for Bid Bonds on the app as well as Instant Insurance purchase. Internet Banking and Agency Banking which serve up to 90% of the bank’s customers have ensured self-sufficiency on the client’s side.

The bank continuously seeks to adhere to effective social & environmental management practices in all its banking activities, products, and services.     

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