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Always Pads in Kenya and South Africa – Options Galore

by Naomi Wanjiru
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Always sanitary pads have been a part of my feminine hygiene kit for years. I could even say that I have been a user of Always pads since I started my period back in the day. For me, P&G’s Always offers the perfect combination of comfort and protection at a price that works for me personally. This is something that I haven’t found in other sanitary pad brands in the local Kenyan, South African, and other African markets.

While safety and comfort are the most (and sometimes the only) important factors when choosing menstrual products, I feel Always Kenya’s sanitary pad range offers variety like no other.

Here’s a look at the different types of Always pads available in the Kenyan market right now.

Always Maxi Thick Pads – For Kenyan Women Who Need Extra Protection

These pads have a flexi-pillow that do a great job at holding the menstrual blood. The pillow acts as a cushion and sits properly, giving you added comfort. If you are looking for more comfort (all of us are!!), then get these pads. Everything else seems the same as the other Always pads available to Kenyan women. 

Always Maxi Thick pads are safe for your skin, extra-long, and protect you from stains for up to 8 hours (credit – Always Kenya)

These Always pads give me with the essential comfort and protection I need on the days when I experience a heavy flow – usually in the first two days. The pad has a core that absorbs the menstrual blood without making me feel I have to worry about leakages. Like most women, I hate staining my clothes (also one of the reasons why I stopped drinking coffee when I’m on my bed). Making this product one of my top choices.

Always Night Dreamzzz Pads – For Night-Time Safety and Protection

Every woman needs a “good night pad” in her arsenal. A good night pad means you can get good quality sleep without having to wake up frequently to change it. I love splurging on cute lacy nightwear and underwear – and nothing kills a girl’s vibe like messing up your favourite sleepwear. So, what can you do?

Get a pair of Always Night Dreamzzz pads that give you 100% protection for hours at a stretch.

Always night pads available in Kenya (credit – Always Africa)

You can also consider these night pads if you experience heavy flow at night and want to prevent leakage and staining of your bedsheet and blanket. I haven’t tried these yet as they’re recently launched, but I know a couple of friends who’re using them and only have good things to share – one being the softness of the topsheet. So definitely try them out as they are starting to appear in the local shops in and around Kenya.

Always Platinum Ultra Thin Pads – Reliable Everyday Protection and Comfort

An advanced type of Ultra Thin pad with a cute scent – perfect for young schoolgirls and women alike. If you struggle with smelly vaginal discharge or menstrual blood, this is the Always product to go for. I have used this one before and can vouch that the scent is very mild and not too overpowering.

A representation picture of an Always sanitary pad (credit – Wikipedia)

It has a pleasant smell for the first few hours and might be a great choice if you are expecting business meetings or friendly get-togethers. And the superior quality of the scent and the pad makes it a healthy choice for those of you who are slightly wary of using new options (like me). If you struggle with an unpleasant odour, this safe Always sanitary pads will change your life!

If you need something stronger though, you may have to take more frequent baths to control odours during your period. Of course, but only if it’s something you worry about.

On a side note, if you think your menstrual blood smells regularly, you should consult your doctor. Experience tells me that unusually smelly discharge can hint at some underlying ailment. Get it fixed before it silently grows inside you.

Always 2-in-1 Feather Soft Pads – Great for Young, Schoolgoing Girls in Kenya

Made of cotton? Check. Protective and comfortable? Double check. Safe for young menstruating schoolkids? Check.

Here the focus is on ultimate comfort, thanks to the lovely cotton fibre. I know that some women (and young girls who are starting out with their menstruation) do not like the touch or the rough sensation of synthetic fibres, so these pads from Always Kenya are a good alternative. (Quick side note: still wondering if Always pads are safe for your skin? Check this out.)

Always pads go through rigorous safety checks to ensure complete protection and comfort to women in Kenya and South Africa (credit – Always Kenya)

I haven’t tried them myself but I have seen them in shops and other women picking them up. I actually recommend this. I think we all need to experiment, before we reach that sweet spot. One pad might work well on your heavier days, another might suit you best on your lighter days – like your period’s last day. (We are all waiting for that day, hey?)

And that is it, ladies! You can check out the entire range of Always sanitary pads available in Kenya here. Always products have been my trusted brand for a long time now and I can vouch for the fact that they are safe, protective, and comfortable. But more than a decade of experience tells me that it’s not always about the brand but your comfort and protection levels. All I know is that Always Kenya’s products are worth it. Check out their website or go to your local store and start hunting for the best protection now.

And while you hunt for the best period protection, here’s a snappy video from Always for some motivation.

In general, all types of Always pads are able to absorb the menstrual flow while keeping the skin dry. personally, I change my pads only every 4-5 hours. But that’s me; you will have to figure out when to change yours according to your flow and comfort levels.

The fact that Always sanitary pads are available in different sizes both in Kenya and South Africa, which is another great feature (because the right fit is sometimes the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to pads), further confirms why Always is my favoured choice and that of millions of women in the country.

Let me know your favourite pad type or brand in the comments below.

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