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The LG InstaView Refrigerator Ice Maker And Ice Dispenser

by Femme Staff
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As the world moves towards products made for more convenience and time saving, manufacturers are not left behind in coming up with great innovations in product development. Home appliances for example are getting huge improvements based on customer pain points and advances in technology.

For example, we grew up with fridges whose freezers would accumulate ice to a point of taking over the whole compartment. The ice would also completely bury food containers and we often times got tempted to go against manufacturer instructions and dig them out with knives. Otherwise getting frozen food from in there meant switching off the fridge the night before and waiting for all that ice to thaw. It meant placing a heavy mat under the fridge to soak in all that water. Those are my earliest memories of my mum’s refrigerator back in the day.

Not any more thankfully. Freezers have come such a long way into what is now way modern, pleasant to use, and with additional features. An ice maker for instance is one of those things you would not be quick to think that you need, until you get one and wonder why you didn’t consider it earlier. Growing up we made ice cubes alright, but the need for them was not as it is now. In my case at least. What with leaving home, living alone and having to make a cocktail every once in a while after work.

My ice maker is the standard inbuilt tray which you put water and tip the ice cubes over into an inbuilt container once they’re ready. I’ve always felt that it takes up too much space that I could use to freeze my legumes but since I need ice cubes often too, I have to live with it.

But I can see we’re moving towards better features with fridges and freezers. Like with the LG Door-In-Door InstaView refrigerator which has a small but highly functional ice maker and dispenser. The LG InstaView platinum fridge has a 4 liter tank where you put water. This means that it does not require any plumbing though users can opt to plumb. Say you want to fix a 20 liter water bottle and use it for a longer time without having to re-fill the available 4 liter tank.

These are options that we did not have just a few years ago. And this is what I mean when I say that product manufacturers are making lives more and more convenient for customers.

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