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Nokia Smartphones – A Winner In Security

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Smartphones have become a huge part of our lives as they evolve to become our go to for just about everything. We’re using our phones for communication, entertainment, school work, to capture moments, and some of us are using them as full on offices. But do we ever stop to consider that we are always feeding information about ourselves into our phones? Every single feature that you use gathers some information about you. And that is somewhat inevitable because that’s just how technology works.

So, the next best thing that phone manufacturers can do is to ensure that the gadgets that we are feeding information into are secure.  And not just secure but upto date too because security vulnerabilities are always cropping up and need to be kept in check before they cause harm.

There are phone brands that have taken security as a top priority and there are others that do not have any clear strategy on how to keep phones safe. And yet as users rely on their phones more, they become more aware of the need for it.

Among those who have tight, reliable, and up to date security is Nokia. Other than the assurance of sturdy long lasting phones, Nokia has also ensured that crucial software updates are available with no delays. And this reality has been rubber stamped by the Counterpoint Research which ranked phones as the leader in customer trust. The research was based on software, security updates, quality of hardware, and how well the phones recommendation for enterprise. Nokia has been ranked tops for the second year running.

The world is getting creepier by the day and everyone should be looking towards working with trusted phone brands. Every Nokia phone has a strong foundation in security already. And that is before then receiving regular software and security updates. All Nokia phones get 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of software upgrades.

This is a huge plus to the market and it is recommended that everyone take advantage of this by taking up the habit of updating their phones.

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