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Nokia Smartphones Want To Make 5G Accessible To Everyone

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We have come to expect more from our smartphones and smartphone manufacturers are continuously measuring up to the task. Like the uptake of 5g by Nokia for instance. 5G is not just a trend, but a high-level technology that is impacting and will continue to impact just about every sector of our lives.

On an individual level on smartphones, users are looking at immediate benefits like faster speeds and lower latency. But it does not end there. Different people will use these super-fast speeds for different things. Gaming, e-Commerce, remote conferencing, staying connected with loved ones via video calls…the list is endless. What is clear is that having a blazing internet connection is exciting, things get done much faster, and with no lag and buffering, users are able to maintain focus on what they’re doing.

5G is not just about what we can do on our smartphones though. On a wider scale, we’re looking at smart agriculture where imaging drones are able to communicate with automated tractors that can weed farms unmanned. And automated healthcare where for instance, self-driving vehicles can deliver equipment, remote surgery guidance, and robots to enable doctors to talk to patients. Also, smart factories where engineers are able to use remote controlled equipment and to watch production in real time through HD video.

And then there is smart tourism which is most exciting to me because it is the most relatable at the moment. Like strapping a 5G enabled camera on a wildebeest during the migration, and I could sit home and experience the phenomenon in high quality imagine from the comfort of my home. Home where by the way I can communicate with appliances and appliances can communicate with each other.

As it is now, 5G is with us and it is unstoppable. There are now many 5G networks that are commercially available worldwide and industries and businesses are jumping onto this technology to reap the benefits. As at now, more solid works needs to be done in terms of standards, ecosystems, technology and business models to bring together a complete workable concept. One thing is for sure though. 5G will drive future business. And HMD Global wants to make it accessible to everyone through their Nokia smartphones.

A smarter world through IoT and AI is not possible without 5G and its high speed, high capacity and capability.

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