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The LG InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator – Why It Stands Out

by Femme Staff
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The LG Door-In-Door InstaView refrigerator has so many features going for it, starting from the clean design to convenience to use of modern technology. Here are some of what I feel stand out so loud.


The design of the fridge is the first thing that stands out. A seamless home appliance that comes in matte black and platinum silver, this fridge fits right in with whatever interior décor theme that one may have in the house. The refrigerators also have square pocket handles which give them the look of a minimalist premium design since they do not have handles protruding out.

On the inside, the refrigerators are built for hard work and convenience. Some of the features to expect are sliding shelves which enable adjustments to fit in taller items. It also has extra nook spaces to store items like butter or cheese.

Slim ice system

An ice maker takes a lot of space in the freezer. If I were to look at mine, I keep wishing that I could remove it and create more space for foodstuffs and drinks. But then again I need ice quite often so I have no choice but to sacrifice that space.

The LG InstaView door-to-door on the other hand has a slim but highly functional ice maker and dispenser so that one does not feel short changed either for space of for functionality. With this ice maker, users can also choose between cubed or crushed ice.


First off, the door-indoor feature is quite a winning technology in terms of aesthetics, power saving, and time saving. With this transparent window feature, you knock twice to see what’s inside before getting to open.  This small separate compartment is perfect for quick items like beverages, snacks, condiments, and dairy products. It is also great to keep kids snacks fresh and within easy reach.

Other than the door-in-door and other nifty features for convenience, the LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator has smart ThinQ technology which can be accessed through the App. With this, you can operate your fridge remotely, like adjusting temperature settings, or turn on express freeze. ThinQ will even alert you via smartphone if you don’t close your refrigerator door properly.


The LG InstaView fridge is quite a departure from a majority of fridges that have just shelves. The refrigerator has more organized compartments which are easy to designate different food groups into. Like the sliding shelves and extra spaces mentioned above.

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