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Nokia Smart Phones – Durable And Trustworthy

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There are many things to consider when buying a mobile phone and one of the key ones is durability. You want value for your money and this you get from a device that will not break down in a matter of months. Given a chance, a majority of us would want to spend our hard-earned cash on a device that will carry us through several years. This durability is what Nokia phones assures its customers.

Just about everyone has interacted with a Nokia phone. Even if not as an active user, a friend or a relative had one. For me, I did not use the famous Nokia 3310 but I did use the Nokia 6500 slide –  a solid device that stands out to me to date. The device that introduced me to superior phone photography with its Zeis cameras. That phone served me well and long enough for Nokia to have a permanent soft spot with me. You know those brands you would not hesitate to purchase? That is Nokia for me.

I strayed away from Nokia for a bit but I’m happy to report that I’ve since come back home, and I like it here.

I love the quality craftmanship that Nokia phones are made with. This is what gives the phones that durability that is becoming more and more rare in other phones. It is said that other manufacturers deliberately make phones that won’t last a whole long time so that re-purchases are more frequent. I don’t know how true that is but it’s not entirely impossible or even far-fetched.

Nokia phones also come with the best of Android to ensure security of the phone in these days when cyber security is becoming a major concern. For what use is a durable phone that is insecure?  With phones becoming our every day go-to for just about everything and as more people get online all over the world, security is a major concern. We have read of these cyber-attacks and leaks of personal information and the bad guys are getting cleverer as the days go by.  The safety and security that Nokia phones offer are therefore quite reassuring.

A quality phone that you can trust is quite a win and HMD – The Home Of Nokia Phones – is offering just that across all Nokia devices.

Nokia phones are phones you can trust.

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