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The Game Changer That Is OPPO’s Super VOOC Charging Technology

by Femme Staff
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What does a dead or dying phone mean to you?

For me it means anxiety. That something is wrong, and I just cannot settle. I have since stopped pretending that I am not a phone addict because I am one. Like many other people in this age, my phone is always in my hand or very close by. When I sleep at night it is always on my nightstand. All this is because everything I do is on phone.

All my entertainment like downloaded movies or series are on phone. Netflix and Youtube which are both battery heavy, and Spotify and TuneIn too. I also work online and even though I use the laptop most of the time, there is still a good chunk of time that I will use the phone for work. Like when traveling long distances to go capture stories, in which case I’ll be on phone most of the time to occupy myself, and to take lots of photos and experiment with the phone camera. We know that phone photography is now mainstream since it is no longer the 2MP we once used back in the day.

And then of course there is what phones were meant for in the first place – communication. My people are scattered all over the country and some abroad and a lot of our communication is through video calls.

In short, I cannot afford battery downtimes. Not only do they give me anxiety but could go as far as making me miss a work deadline. Or a song that just dropped 😀

I believe my story applies to millions of other people the world over and it is a good thing that phone manufacturers are making battery life and charging a priority. Because what good is superior features in a handset if we cannot access them due to low battery?

Introducing the OPPO Super VOOC phone charging technology. VOOC stands for Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging. Quite a mouthful but what is important is that this technology is without a doubt very impressive. For the end user layman, let’s just say that it stands for never having a dead or dying battery again. And with OPPO’s game changing plans to have VOOC in multiple devices going forward, lack of battery juice will soon be a distant memory.

I have come across Super VOOC in the OPPO Reno5 which I’ve been using for a bit now and which I intend to do a full review of. When I first charged the phone, I remember staring in disbelief as the battery level went from 4% to 65% in just 28 minutes. In the next 5 minutes it was at 72% and by the time I was dressed up and ready to leave the house, I had a 100% charged phone. The OPPO Reno5 will charge from 5% to 100% in just under 50 minutes. And it will do this with safe technology that will not fry the phone.

The freedom that this gives users is immense. Freedom to forget words like “my phone is dying”. Freedom to not panic if you are used to charging your phone overnight and you forgot. With OPPO Reno5’s Super VOOC, put the phone to charge when you wake up in the morning and by the time you get ready for work and take breakfast, the phone will be at full charge. OPPO aims to make people’s every day lives easier with good device features and for fast charging, I say kudos.

Say you even forgot to charge before leaving home in the morning. At that low battery level, you could pop in somewhere to have coffee and if 10 minutes is all you have, then those 10 minutes will give you a significant and usable battery level.

Super VOOC gives you the freedom to use your phone. It is the future and OPPO is right up there among the leaders in this technology.

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