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How The LG Instaview Fridge Saves Money In The Long Run

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Everyone, no matter their economic status could do with some savings here and there. These savings do add up over time and this money can be diverted to other uses around the homestead.

When it comes to purchasing home appliances like refrigerators and laundry machines, cheap is not always better. One may opt for a slightly pricier appliance knowing that over time, the features in that machine will make the price difference worth the while with every-day savings.

Take the LG door-in-door instaview refrigerator for example. There are other fridges out there with lower prices but are they necessarily better in helping to save money? Not really.

Linear compressor

The compressor in a fridge is responsible for 90% energy consumption. Conventional compressors have four friction points and this ups their energy consumption. The linear compressor which is fitted in the Instaview however has just one friction point and this helps save quite a bit of energy. A 10 year warranty on the compressor ensures reliability and most importantly peace of mind. Although this may not be quantifiable in terms of an amount of money, a mind that is at peace is a mind that is free to do other things that could bring in more money.

Fresh food thanks to optimal cooling

Food costs a lot of money and nobody wants their to go bad in the refrigerator. That is however not something that is likely to happen with the LG Instaview fridge because it features multiple air flow system that helps maintain balanced temperature and humidity levels. These ensures that food stays fresher for longer and this translates to savings in the long run.

The door-in-door cooling system is such that the doors also receive a continuous supply of cold air, meaning that the items stored in the doors also stay fresher for longer.


This technology enables users to knock twice to activate the glass pane on the door so that they’re able to see what is inside the door compartment without having to open the whole fridge. This compartment is where you put quick items like snacks and drinks.

Opening the main door multiple times lets in warm air and therefore consumes more energy to cool again. It is therefore clear why this feature is a money saver.


This is the technology that makes your fridge a smart fridge. With ThinQ, you are able to manage the fridge from your smartphones, once again without having to open it. Even better, you are able to diagnose any potential or present malfunctions without having a technician open up the inner working of the fridge. With ThinQ, you can also make use of smart assistants like Alexa or Google Assistants, hence once again saving time which in turn saves you money.

So, as much as the Instaview fridge may be pricier when purchasing, the savings you make over time are well worth it.

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